The Space.Org Difference: True Modularity

There's been a lot of talk in the industry about "modularity" over the years, dating back as far as NASA white papers in the 1970s[1], but very little delivered. Many vendors claim to be "modular", but then limit that to components they've built and designed themselves, radically limiting customer choice.

Space.Org's platform offers true modularity: transparent, multi-vendor, module-level integration. It places minimal requirements on module suppliers to comply with arbitrary standards. Satellite designers using our free online 3D design platform can easily add a thruster package from one vendor, a communications module from another, and a star tracker from another, yet have them all be guaranteed to work together. On top of that, our spacecraft will be verified compatible with specific launch platforms, and pre-integrated with the customer's choice of ground services.

Painless Design and Build

Our patent pending approach to modularity eliminates well known pain points of spacecraft design and build:

All this leads to radically shortened design and build times, along with radically decreased costs. Imagine going from concept to a ready to test, pre-qualified spacecraft in less than a day (using standard components)! Our platform enables exactly that.