Why invest in Space.org?

Launch costs are plummeting: In the 1980s, the Space Shuttle was the consummate launch platform, operated at a payload launch cost of over $50,000/kg. In the last decade, SpaceX's Falcon 9 dramatically reduced payload cost, to $2,720/kg. In the next decade, their Super Heavy Starship, with reuse, will bring them as low as $10-$20/kg.

As a result, spacecraft launch rates are soaring. The reduced cost of entry to the New Space Economy is now powering a burgeoning private market for spacecraft and a widening diversity of space-related products and services. As shown, below, the Mini class of SmallSats (201 kg - 600 kg payload) now dominates the market. 

This means that spacecraft mission economics are now driven by the cost of spacecraft design and build, rather than deployment. A trend that will only accelerate as heavy launch platforms like Starship, Vulcan, and New Glenn come online over the next few years and offer increased lift capacity and payload fairing volume.

Today's satellites and other spacecraft are still custom engineered from the ground up, requiring between 6 months and 3 years to design and assemble. Space.Org's patent pending technology allows us to dramatically simplify spacecraft design and manufacturing, producing a finished spacecraft in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, and bypassing the oncoming supply bottleneck created by conventional processes. We are focused on spacecraft with a mass range from 30 kg - 1500 kg, the primary areas of market growth.